Michelin EdgeLiner Blog

Different is Better

Michelin EdgeLiner is the toughest, most effective and durable custom liner available, and we think it suits the people who use it.

When our designers took a look at existing custom floor liners, they said the options were pretty good, and we knew we could make just the same type of product and be competitive. We also knew this was a chance to make something better. Our challenge was to take the standing concept of a custom floor liner and make every aspect of it that much better.

We approach our design process with equal parts creative innovation and scientific precision. Our engineers studied how you get in your vehicle, how you get back out, where your floor gets the most wear, and every existing floor liner on the market before settling on this perfectly fit and functionally perfect design.

Our solution was not to make our own version of an existing liner, but to make a completely different product—different materials, different process, better results.

Take a look at some of the ways we’ve taken the Michelin EdgeLiner to the next level:

Backing The EdgeLiner uses an aggressive nib pattern combined with ribbing, retention posts, and rolled edge technology to make sure once you install an EdgeLiner, it stays in place and holds it shape.

Flexibility and Stability It’s a fine line between rigid and flimsy, but we’re walking the line. The EdgeLiner boasts greater flexibility than other custom floor liners, meaning it can be rolled up inside your truck yet maintain a solid edge to keep all the grime and slush in the liner and off your carpet.

Depth Other floor liners barely scratch the surface of the EdgeLiner’s impressively deep grooves and cavities that can handle more muck and keep it out of your way.

Materials The EdgeLiner is made with a rubber-like substance called TPE instead of the plastic polymer used in other floor liners. TPE not only stands up to wear and tear better, it stands up taller, letting us craft those deep grooves and channels that make plastic material fold up on itself.   

The Michelin EdgeLiner is more than a layer between feet and floor; it’s a fresh, removable base that can be dumped, washed, dried and put back better than new. We’re proud to offer Michelin EdgeLiners for the following makes and models:

Chevrolet Silverado 1500/2500/3500
Ford F-Series F-150/ F-250/ F-350/ F-450/ F-550
Dodge Ram 1500/2500/3500
GMC Sierra 1500/2500/3500
Toytoa Tundra
Cadillac Escalade