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Q: What is the difference between a floor mat and a floor liner? 

A: Floor mats come in a range of sizes and are generally made to be a universal fit, meaning that they will mostly cover the floor of any vehicle. Floor liners are a custom-fit insert that comes up the walls and essentially provides a new floor for the vehicle, with no corners or edges exposed.

Q: How is MICHELIN EdgeLiner customized to my exact make and model vehicle?

A: Each make and model’s floor pan is digitally measured to create a steel tool to the exact specifications of your vehicle, yielding a flawlessly fit floor liner. 

Q: What is the warranty for MICHELIN EdgeLiner?
A: MICHELIN EdgeLiner has a lifetime warranty.

Q: Will MICHELIN EdgeLiner ever warp under extreme temperatures?
A: No. Because of our unique product and manufacturing process, MICHELIN EdgeLiner will maintain its original shape under extreme hot and cold temperatures.

Q: Why is MICHELIN EdgeLiner more expensive that other custom liners?
A: MICHELIN EdgeLiner is engineered and designed for premium functional performance. We use a high-pressure injection molded process to create tough, yet flexible, custom liners. Other liners are manufactured using a thermoformed process which yields a stiff and rigid product.

Q: Why do you only make EdgeLiner for newer trucks and some SUV’s?
A: Our manufacturing process is unique in the industry and time intensive, so we started with the people and vehicles we thought benefited the most from a custom liner of this caliber. We make fitments for models from 2002 to current model years and will continue to expand the MICHELIN EdgeLiner offering.

Q: How long will it take to get my MICHELIN EdgeLiner custom liner?
A: Most orders are shipped within 24 hours.

Q: More Questions?
A: Contact the MICHELIN Helpline (1-866-304-9881) for any questions and to learn more about our perfectly fit and functionally perfect floor liners.