Five Reasons to Love EdgeLiner

1) Individualization:

EdgeLiner is digitally measured for a true custom fit so you never have to wonder if what you order works. Our designers test each vehicle and build their designs to provide maximum coverage and a perfect fit for your make, model, and year.

2) Security:

Your safety comes first to us and to you, so we offer a liner that won't sacrifice security for anything. Each liner is reinforced with an aggressive no-slip backing and uses factory-installed retention posts to keeps the liner firmly in place. 

3) Lifetime Warranty:

EdgeLiners are made with an innovative technology that guarantees the liners will not warp or crack, providing outstanding durability with a lifetime warranty.

4) Edge-To-Edge Coverage:    

EdgeLiner brings coverage to a whole different level than the other liners. High walls and extended coverage across the door sill offer complete coverage and protection.

5) Deep Channels:

EdgeLiner is equipped with deep channels made by high-pressure injection. Our unique manufacturing process and materials give Michelin EdgeLiners channels that are 3x deeper than our competitors, keeping debris, liquid and dirt away out from under foot.