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Remington Industries CEO Tim Parkes speaks about his passion for superior materials and manufacturing methods:

"Every model of car we design for is laser fit, millimeter by millimeter, ensuring that the fit is exact. Those dimensions are used to create a cast mold for your specific vehicle out of pure hardened steel.

Instead of working from sheets of hard plastic that thin out and stiffen as you press them, we turned to the idea of injection molding. We then, under enormous amounts of pressure, fill that mold with a liquefied engineering grade resin called TPE. The TPE travels to every crevice of the mold and fills it for the perfect mat. I can tell you, you can't build a great product without great material.

TPE is Thermoplastic Elastomer. We use it because it's the best polymer to use in making this particular product. It's an engineering plastic that allows you to build in a variety of different physical characteristics and performance elements to the product. It's a much more sophisticated process. The process yields a better product."