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Us And Them

The idea of a complete-coverage, custom floor liner is relatively new as a much-needed improvement to the flat floor mats we've seen for decades. As the custom liner category has grown, some very good products have emerged to dominate the market: Husky and WeatherTech just to name a few.  Because of their success, along came the "me too" products, providing similar performance on similar materials.  

All of these products live up to their promises: they are all custom fit to each car or truck's floor, they all contain fluids, they all keep dirt off your vehicle's original carpet. Like any product, the first generation provides tremendous opportunity to evaluate strengths and weaknesses and make significant improvements and innovations for the next generation.  Think of the first generation of floor liners as 1.0.  

Michelin wanted to bring something different to the market: a liner that addressed the concerns we saw in product reviews from disappointed drivers, and one that shocked people by its performance and beauty. We listened to people who had purchased other brands of liners, we watched how people use their cars and trucks, and we used and abused existing liners to learn how ours could perform at a higher level.


You can't make a great product without great material.  All the top selling liners are made with sheets of hard plastic which can become stiff and inflexible.  By their nature, these sheets can only be stretched a certain amount before they lose strength. For example, the height of a liner made from heated sheets is limited before it begins to curl away from the wall of a center console.  

EdgeLiners use a superior, engineering-grade TPE resin that wears longer, is more flexible, and provides for limitless possibilities of depth and height. 


Perhaps the #1 criteria in measuring a custom floor liner's performance is in its channel depth.  This is the physical feature that keeps spills, dirt and liquids deep inside the mat and away from your car and your shoes.  Simply put, buy the liner with the deepest channel.

The material we chose allows us the ability to build structural elements into an EdgeLiner that has never been seen before, including channel depth more than THREE TIMES DEEPER than our competition.


There is a huge difference in the way a Michelin EdgeLiner is made versus the other liners on the market.  Injection molding our superior rubber-like resin into hardened tools makes all the difference in the world when it comes to strength, flexibility, endurance, ability to be rinsed, wall height and channel depth. Learn more here.


You will undoubtedly be taking your EdgeLiners out to clean them over and over again.  The flexible, rubber-like nature of our mats allows you to remove them easily, without spilling the contents. That same flexibility means that they will return to their shape when you set them back on your floor.


There's a reason we released the first line of Michelin EdgeLiners for the top-selling trucks.  When we researched how custom-fit liners are used and why, it became clear that truck and large SUV owners wreak havoc on their floors.  They need protection that performs at the heavy-duty commercial level.  We also learned that those same drivers like to baby their trucks and keep them looking sharp, so we made EdgeLiners to be visually stunning and to stay that way.

To that end, we are proud to offer Michelin EdgeLiners for:

Ford F-50

Ford F-250, F-350, F-450

Chevrolet Silverado

GMC Sierra

Dodge Ram 1500

Dodge Ram 2500

Toyota Tacoma

Toyota Tundra

Chevrolet Suburban

Chevrolet Tahoe

GMC Yukon