Why Michelin® EdgeLiner?

Michelin EdgeLiner is different from other custom liners—in design, in materials, in performance, and in price. Our designers have created a completely new product using more flexible materials and a more consistent design that ensures that the Michelin EdgeLiner will never warp in extreme temperatures, never lose its shape, and never spill onto your floor.

Why Sell Michelin EdgeLiner?

Michelin EdgeLiner is priced differently from other liners because when you thrive, we thrive. Our premium product allows us to offer higher margins and higher quality to dealers like you:

> No inventory to buy

> 30 - 50% Profit on every liner 

> Selection of POP, sales, and training materials

> Lifetime warranty

> Increase customer retention

How Do I Start Selling? 

> Go to our Dealer Portal

> Enter your Michelin Ship-To number (username)

> Enter your store phone number (password)

> Follow the prompts to change your password

> Start ordering!

How Can I Learn More?

Once in our dealer portal, click on the “Program Details” banner for pricing, fitments, and FAQs, or contact the Michelin Helpline by phone (1-866-304-9881) or email (Michelin@remingtonind.com). Once we receive your registration we will ship your floor display and utility mat, and you will receive a confirmation email with additional information.